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After you subscribe, risk free, you will have full access to what we believe is the most accurate deer movement calendar on the market. Once you understand how the Moon effects deer movement and when the deer will move we explain in detailed videos how and where to hunt during those times. Our extensive knowledge base including videos, how-to articles and blogs are all created to help you be more successful in the field.
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The movement calendar will show you the times of first light, last light, sun up and sun down, and when the moon is on the horizon, overhead or underneath. Based off those times, the calendar will show you major and minor movement times for deer on any particular day. Also we will indicate what is the best stand placement for those movements throughout the day with a number in a small gray circle. Those times will reference informational videos that will explain in detail what the deer will be doing and how to hunt those deer. You will also be able to easily click and read articles that explain the ideal stand locations for that day.

Like you, Greg loves spending time in the outdoors. His career has allowed him to be in the field over 300 days a year for the past 40 years. During that time Greg has had over 80,000 unique contacts with deer. This first hand experience has helped him pinpoint when deer move, what compels them to move and how to hunt them in their environment.

Simply send us an email at within the 30 days and we will refund the entire amount paid. No questions asked. Well, if you would tell us what we can do better we would really appreciate it.

We are happy to answer questions the pertain to your specific hunting situation. Once you are a member you will have exclusive access to a Private Members Only Facebook page where you can ask Greg a question, share your success stories and glean information from the IQ2Hunt Community.

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